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The Judicial Council AOC has been contracted to create a Juvenile Data Exchange Interface and Reporting mechanism to facilitate statewide reporting of, primarily, the Pre-Disposition Risk Assessment (PDRA) and Detention Assessment Instrument (DAI) data. The juvenile data in Georgia currently resides in various systems that do not integrate. One of these systems is owned by the State of Georgia but there are additional systems that are proprietary, private vendor solutions. The request to acquire data from the disparate systems led to several concepts of data exchange and sharing and the design was finalized and agreed to in early 2015.

The Judicial Council AOC has experience in the development of these exchange efforts and currently hosts several statewide solutions including public and private vendors. The project has been reviewed by all stakeholders and a general project approach has been defined. Final requirements will depend of a completed data dictionary, access review and a functional requirements document being created for reporting. The CJCJ will lead the effort in defining the data elements that are to be collected from JTS, Banner, JCATS, etc… A final listing of data will be delivered to the JC/AOC for the development of the schema(s). The data elements will be mapped against the National Information Exchange Models (NIEM) schemas for Juvenile Data. As required for the successful delivery of this project, extensions will be created by JC/AOC staff to accommodate undefined elements. The JC/AOC will determine if it is appropriate to develop a full Information Exchange Package Document (IEPD) for reuse. This could bring significant attention and recognition to NIEM Based Projects in Georgia. The number of schemas will be determined and JC/AOC will create the necessary documentation to produce what is require for the collection of data from the source systems. A Schema Architect with sufficient knowledge of NIEM will be needed to conform to the National Standard. The JC/AOC will contract with a JAVA Web Services Development vendor to construct the Web Service that will contain all methods required to appropriately, receive, validate, parse and persist the data that is transmitted. Delivery of this Service will include the code, a WSDL, the ERD (and database DDL). The JC/AOC will coordinate and direct all discussions with the public and private vendors to ensure the Web Clients are developed in accordance the specified WSDL. Testing will be done by the JC/AOC and the contracted vendor. The database will be deployed at the JC/AOC Data Center and virtualization technologies will be employed to allow for scalability, replication and security. Direct access to this system will be fully coordinated by the JC/AOC.