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Proposed JDEX Juvenile Court Judges Council Rule 

Rule 19. Electronic Submission of Delinquency Case Data.

OCGA § 15-11-64(c) provides that each juvenile court shall collect and electronically submit through the office of the juvenile court clerk data on each child alleged or adjudicated to be a delinquent child and transmit such data as required by Judicial Council standards and rules. Data submitted pursuant to this rule shall be incorporated into the Georgia Juvenile Data Exchange (JDEX).

 Rule 19.2. Required Data Elements.

 (a)        Detention Assessment Instrument (DAI).

             1.         Date on which the DAI was administered.

 2.         County where the DAI was administered.

 3.         Individual line item scores.

 4.         Total score.

 5.         Detention decision.

 6.         Whether the detention decision was the result of a judicial override of DAI guidelines.


(b)        Pre-Disposition Risk Assessment (PDRA).

            1.         Date on which the PDRA was administered.

2.         County where the PDRA was administered.

3.         Individual line item scores. 

4.         Total score.

5.         Risk level as determined by the total score.


(c)        Offense data.

             1.         Each initial delinquent offense charged.

 2.         Date of each offense charged.

 3.         County where each offense charged occurred.

 4.         Disposition of each offense charged. (Ex. Finding of delinquency, dismissal, etc.)

 5.         County of disposition for each offense charged.

 6.         Date of adjudication of each offense charged, if applicable.


            (d)       Child’s disposition data.

 1.         Child’s disposition on each offense charged. (Ex. Probation, restitution, commitment, etc.)

 2.         Court entering child’s disposition.

 3.         Date of child’s disposition.

 4.         Placement of child. (Ex. DJJ facility, community, etc.)

 5.         Date of child’s final discharge from juvenile court supervision.


(d)       Child’s demographic data.

             1.         Name.

             2.         Date of birth.

             3.         Gender.

             4.         Alias(es).

             5.         Current residence address.

             6.         Current county of residence.

            7.         Name of parent/ guardian/ legal custodian.

 Rule 19.3. Methods of Collection and Submission of Required Data Elements.

 (a)        Each juvenile court shall utilize its local case management system to collect the required data elements as listed in Rule 19.2.

 (b)       Juvenile courts utilizing the JCATS (Canyon Software™) case management system shall submit their data via automatic upload into JDEX.

 (c)        Juvenile courts not utilizing the JCATS case management system shall either:

                       1.         If a court dependent upon the Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) for some or all of its intake and/or probation services, provide all required data elements to DJJ which shall enter it into JDEX on behalf of the court pursuant to a memorandum of agreement between DJJ and each such court; or,

          2.         If a court independent of DJJ for all intake and probation services, manually enter the required data elements into JDEX until such court acquires a case management system capable of automatic upload consistent with JDEX technical requirements.

 Rule 19.4. Frequency of Data Submission.

By the methods provided above in Rule 19.3, all required data elements shall be submitted through a regularly scheduled data upload into JDEX at the maximum frequency allowed by JDEX system parameters, but no less frequently than weekly. 

     Rule 19.5. Updating of Required Data Elements. 

If the JDEX Committee establishes additional required data elements, notification shall be made to the juvenile clerks of court by the JDEX Program Coordinator so that the submissions required by this rule include those additional data elements.


O.C.G.A. § 15-11-64

 (c) Pursuant to rules promulgated by the Judicial Council of Georgia, on and after January 1, 2019, each clerk of the juvenile court shall collect data on each child alleged or adjudicated to be a delinquent child and transmit such data as required by such rules. The Judicial Council of Georgia shall make and publish in print or electronically such state-wide minimum standards and rules as it deems necessary to carry out this subsection. Each clerk of the juvenile court shall develop and enact policies and procedures necessary to carry out the standards and rules created by the Judicial Council of Georgia.